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Who would need to address WICKED problems? A CEO and the BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Symptoms of a WICKED Problem You’re an executive with an audit report the size of a dictionary. You’re audit certification was a challenge for your partner performing and preparing the report. You’re risk log has so many issues registered you don’t know where to start. You’re are constantly hearing about data quality and governance projects … Continue reading

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Internal Client Expectation Setting or the Rubber Stamp Client Engagement

Internal Stakeholder Expectation Setting Internal Stakeholder (Customer) Expectation Setting How do you attain a common outside in perspective when you have a different measure of quality according to different stakeholder groups? Personally, I need to have a clear understanding that the client realizes the difference between their choice and decisions made for them. Then I … Continue reading

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Priority for Business converged with EA and BA Value Streams

0 Converges the AQPC process framework at Level 2 The focus of this post intends to work with 2.0 and 3.0 from the business to IT and converges with Master Data and Service Management using the business process framework recently designed with 60 organizations. The purpose should scale and size your priority and transactional systems … Continue reading

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Logical Grouping for Easy Virtual Networks

  Strategy for Business and IT Notice the common flow according to the business process framework.  The same sequence would allow you restore services in an event or disaster. Globalization Virtual containers configured to dedicated carrier services; ideally a long haul transport solution using dedicated voice, data and video by each functional system.  Easy Virtual … Continue reading

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Who has the authority? BYOD

We as innovators must be mindful of the boundaries we can or cannot introduce into the market. You are an organization with the industries leading software developers. You want your employees to be successful and understand your role in ensuring your teams activities are contributing to the strategy. The next thing you must do; understand … Continue reading

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5 Capability Model – From Pull to Push consumers by zip

System-Delivery System Demographics allocated by zip population L2-Federal – A National delivery system expense/service provider revenue stream A government entity may be the customer to any level entity in the hierarchy as an expense to supply chain relationship exist – an agreement to supply goods/services directly consumed by the public sector entities A government entity … Continue reading

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Quick Poll on Business Process to Performance Measures

  Hi Ben, welcome to my wordpress collection. Let me expand on the question which is unclear.  I completely agree.  Let me add some context to the source of the line of questioning. I was reading a Published “Business Process Maturity Model” file, which has several contradictory statements in my professional opinion. A process includes … Continue reading