People, Process, and Technology

Using an example of the Real World
Item Scenario
The external market identifies a device when it has a distinct dependency on software to use the device we must consider the item software according to General Accounting Accepted Practices.  SOP 172.  This forces a series of constraints on any organization that has been a hardware company for many years.

Think about the implications to an organizations culture in transforming this mindset from hardware to software.  It’s a difficult task for anyone.  My prescription intents to minimize the effects of the management reporting or people side of performance.  With a method to consider for the Real World perspective.

Assume that the model was done for us; Complete with design, models and scenarios.
Next step get the industry experts on board.  My first draft was reviewed and considered a win from an educators perspective.

The solution I speak of has the potential to move away from the multi-million dollar initiatives we are currently driving to relieve our resource constraints and re-purpose their energy towards the legacy clean up.  Identify the many ways your company can reduce waste.  Change management will be in full force to get your company prepared.  There are decisions to make in getting your organization modeled.  You can use expensive tools or hire someone to model the process for you.  I strongly recommend performing physical observational interviews with the users who are identified in the operational applications, try to stick with the operational applications.

The process perspective has a number of ways to approach the process.  You can model the process using an application you may already own or you might want to insert a layer between your people and process using a simple middleware application.  Let’s understand the dependencies;

  1. People side of the process “as is” may be riddled with non-value add or fine grain responses to strong regulatory requirements inserted in 2002-currently today.  If you are like most enterprise customers; your response to the regulations was either planned to correct.
  1. The response from your “Fit for Purpose” audience will be to improve at a rate that makes sense for the different organizations.

Real World in the clouds or to keep with a current analogy on any highway anywhere in the world; without disruption to the current have traditionally voiced in communicating the way I view the world and gaps that need to be addressed.

This subject has several key Business Services to factor and ideally converge in this Real World Solution.  Technology to relieve or reduce the people side of change using a layer to keep them comfortable and productive when or if any decommission or change needs to be made from  the users to the solution.



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