Re-Engineering – Public Sector Delivery

Delivery System Demographics allocated by zip population

L2-Federal – A National delivery system expense/service provider revenue stream

  • A government entity may be the customer to any level entity in the hierarchy as an expense to supply chain relationship exist – an agreement to supply goods/services directly consumed by the public sector entities
  • A government entity may be revenue to a supplier on behalf of the consumer in a specific program based on the population in the zip code.

L3-Program – A delivery system with national oversight and multiple states within the program

  • A non-profit organizationmay be a supplier to a program-Expenseto program revenue to non-profit
    • Similar to annual planning investment – an awarded allocation commitment.
  • A non-profit organization may be the service provider in a program-Revenue.
    • Similar to the earned value based on specific contract terms funds are paid as the revenue after delivery to the population served.

L4-State-A delivery system that has only a state results consolidation by state into a parent program

L5-County-A delivery system with only a single county results consolidated into the program

L6-District-A delivery system with only a single district results consolidated into the program.

L7-Zip Code to Population


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