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Moving from Information overload to a single record for every consumer

Originally posted on Enterprise Business Data/Information Architecture:
Sounds impossible to most people in IT, well human behavior forces some of us to take on a defensive posture in order to protect our jobs.  Of course the incentive isn’t going to be there when we are not aware of the implications we are communicating.  We…

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System Simulation Model – Generic Education Template

Open Source Software Tools Numerous Templates were designed and made available to anyone who can re-use in their local areas. Templates and Modeled Prototypes Simply clone or copy a template and follow the guides developed to ensure re-use. Facebook Education Groupings Templates as a Guide Allows the user to leverage any node or object and … Continue reading


Cybernetics and the 22 laws of management

1. System Holism Principle: A system has holistic properties possessed by none of its parts. Each of the system parts has properties not possessed by the system as a whole. 2. Darkness Principle: no system can be known completely. 3. Eighty-Twenty Principle: In any large, complex system, eighty percent of the output will be produced by only twenty … Continue reading

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Who would need to address WICKED problems? A CEO and the BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Symptoms of a WICKED Problem You’re an executive with an audit report the size of a dictionary. You’re audit certification was a challenge for your partner performing and preparing the report. You’re risk log has so many issues registered you don’t know where to start. You’re are constantly hearing about data quality and governance projects … Continue reading


A different way to see any organization using a logical grouping into high, medium and low risk management categories.

Business Model Designed for Innovation with 2 additional models built into the design.  What does “Design for Innovation” really mean? Today, most companies struggle with keeping their innovation moving through the tools designed for speed and agility.  The controls required force higher touches on the majority for the few, aligns to both ISO 27000 series … Continue reading

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Professional Development – Six Sigma and Business Process

Professional Development – Six Sigma and Business Process. Continue reading