Security, Resilience and Effort


Allows better control over records and secures the types of records a user can download to the desktop.  Enables intellectual property protection.
Allows for create read update with a publishing layer
Manages entitlement to a fine grain view only layer
Systematically allows your Active Directory to manage visibility using the organization hierarchy.


  • Allows great features for resilience when used out of the box with connectors to the platform.
  • Allows a layer between the systems to close virtually then publish to ERP.
  • Allows users to function without connections for an extended period of time building their inputs until the connections are restored.
  • Ensures no Data loss through less desktop transfers.


Rapid response to requirements in some cases the process can be initiated and handed over in just 3 days for procurement into Oracle one use case was 3 days from design to hand-off with only 1 experienced business process and analyst who knew the problems and targeted eliminating the threats.


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