Moving from Information overload to a single record for every consumer

Destroying a person’s character. “Politically Incorrect Statements in Blogs”
Edited by others; the person forgot to return the view to “Visual” as I attempt to revise the page the view opens in “Text” view.
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Only in America! Only in America do people have a right to alter data at rest without even as much as a notification to the owner.

Enterprise Business Data/Information Architecture

Sounds impossible to most people in IT, well human behavior forces some of us to take on a defensive posture in order to protect our jobs.  Of course the incentive isn’t going to be there when we are not aware of the implications we are communicating. 

We must understand the requirements from both privacy and security as they are not unique requirements instead they are directly related and misunderstood by most business people. 


Big Data as the first subject we must understand and make a decision around the primary purpose of the information “Big Data” transports “Party and Offer” items in the form of transactions and reference information most in the “big data space”. 

If we want to be secure and meet the privacy laws imposed upon every company in nearly all parts of the world.  We must STOP promoting BIG DATA.  We can attain the goal we are…

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