A different way to see any organization using a logical grouping into high, medium and low risk management categories.

Business Model Designed for Innovation with 2 additional models built into the design. 

  • What does “Design for Innovation” really mean?

Today, most companies struggle with keeping their innovation moving through the tools designed for speed and agility. 

The controls required force higher touches on the majority for the few, aligns to both ISO 27000 series and IT Service Management for quality and regulatory risk prevent and detect control. 

Most audit reports show higher concentrations of issues across many functional teams. 

The Design for Innovation allows for a logical grouping to monitor and allows the leaders visibility without forcing change, which can be delivered at different rates of speed and based on your unique organizational culture. 

1. Few employees have vertical responsibility – Typically the CEO ends up being the one employee with accountability across the entire stack. 

2. Few corporate policies are designed to ensure accountability by functional stakeholder.

3. Operational efficiency relies upon doing more with less.

4. The charter for technical delivery is faster with greater agility.

5. The only way to effectively manage innovation requires several key points as follows;

a) Resource skills at a higher pay scale

b) Resources who have successfully attained more depth and experience

c) Different tools to avoid hindering the speed and agility you need in the majority of the business. 

d) Stronger controls and more development work unlike the core and foundation offers.



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