Can IT define business terms or why would they want to?

They do not have a trusted source.  

Technical people can be inpatient sometimes – they want to build “things”. For some reason the business cannot come to the table.  Guess what?  They don’t want whatever it was that you heard they wanted.  You may have lost their trust and should re-evaluate your thoughts on this subject.  Is this a shiny new IT thing or something that everyone will really benefit from?  

Next really important point;  IT can build anything and they will.  They live and breath for the opportunity.  

Even if it means duplicating the entire complex mess you had.   They will deliver in record time.  

I know some of the most talented and effective developers in the industry.  They will take a highly customized structured and paste on something else with high volumes without a single user being disturbed.  

Imagine having 1.5 technical and 1 business person as the stewards for a global companies web, content for both intranet and extranet.  Oh by the way, it was actually not 2.5 people no this was only 1 of the 3 primary systems feeding all legacy systems across the company.  Thank goodness we had a team with wisdom.  Can you imagine if we had information or data alone?  Ouch.  

Well-that’s the first challenge that we need to understand.  


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