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Who has the authority? BYOD

Bring Your Own Device with an Intranet View

We as innovators must be mindful of the boundaries we can or cannot introduce into the market.

  1. You are an organization with the industries leading software developers.
  2. You want your employees to be successful and understand your role in ensuring your teams activities are contributing to the strategy.

The next thing you must do; understand your role and the authority your team has in meeting the companies strategy.

  1. An organization elects to supply or reimburse their employees for cell phone expenses.
  2. Only in the case of corporate account or a cell phone supplied by the company would be in the companies authority to influence.
    1. The legal relationship between your company, organization or agency and a mobile carrier exist.
    2. The terms of the relationship draws clear boundaries on what you can or cannot do in regard to these services supplied under a contractual scenario.
      1. You are an employee or agent of the organization and you have an ethical responsibility to not put the company at risk.
    3. In this scenario you are only authorized within the boundaries of the companies intranet.
      1. You must work with the Network Management and Vendor Management teams before development begins to ensure you are not violating the terms of your companies agreement.

In some situations an employee may agree to transfer their contract to the companies account.

  1. In these situations the account will be owned by the company and typically taking the number back isn’t an option.
  2. The accounts and contacts you have engaged with at the company belong to the company the moment you shared them on a device owned by the company.
  3. The tradeoffs may be severe in a scenario where no longer have your contacts.







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