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Logical Grouping for Easy Virtual Networks

Grouping Logical Layers by Systems


Strategy for Business and IT

Notice the common flow according to the business process framework.  The same sequence would allow you restore services in an event or disaster.


Virtual containers configured to dedicated carrier services; ideally a long haul transport solution using dedicated voice, data and video by each functional system.  Easy Virtual Networks.  Enabling different risk appetites by region.

How do we actually enable differences across borders?

We maintain process level 2, 3, and 4, while the regional risk and rules can be applied beyond these levels.  Similar to mapping.  The consolidation captures the basic data points into the global layer for all regulatory and financial summaries logged according to the business and quality management layers.

Governance and Quality

Using the same framework to know who has authority to create or update makes all the difference in the governance framework.

Introduce portals or communities by the same framework.  Ensure that visibility exist for each Trustee, Steward, and Custodian.

Measure quality based on the transition from one functional system to the next.


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