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Quick Poll on Business Process to Performance Measures


Hi Ben, welcome to my wordpress collection.

Let me expand on the question which is unclear.  I completely agree.  Let me add some context to the source of the line of questioning.

I was reading a Published “Business Process Maturity Model” file, which has several contradictory statements in my professional opinion.

  1. A process includes task, which are derived from  a number of activities in a workflow organized in a sequence.
    1. Business Dictionary.com – Business Process – A series of logically related activities or tasks (such as planning, production, or sales) performed together to produce a defined set of results.
    2. Business Dictionary.com – Business Process Logic-Set of assumptions, principles, and interrelationships that underlies a business process design and determines its sequence of activities or events.

  2. A quantified measurement model typically will produce greater effort; as the human behavior response to the goal increases volume rather than ensuring quality.
    1. In a business process the goal would be to ensure only required steps are introduced.
    2. There are times when quantified measurements work well; for example in the process of voting.
      1. The highest volume capturing unique selections will typically result in a person winning the election.

Is a process really a process when a writer or author indicates the “process isn’t going to always be sequenced?”

  1. My goal in asking these questions would be to ensure my understanding hasn’t failed.



2 thoughts on “Quick Poll on Business Process to Performance Measures

  1. Would you agree that a business process has to be in a sequence?

    Would you consider a statement “a business process isn’t always going to be in a sequence”?

    I recently read the Business Process Maturity Model and learned the following;
    1. A business process may be mature using quantitative measurement systems.
    a) in my experience the more you use quantity measures the greater the expense and higher the threat in audit findings.
    2. A business process always follows a sequence.

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