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Master Data Man…

Master Data Management 

You may have a Master Data Management suite to compliment the item and party master in ERP; You are well into your practice with a team of experts versed in your culture and your barriers with strategies to overcome these transformational changes.

If not; your in luck.  This series shares an approach that may aid in a concept for Quality and allow the real world or Outside In perspective which can either map to the Fit for Purpose.

You are not going to replicate the ERP setup or the derived relationships in the structured hierarchies.

Instead you will enrich the data outside the system of record.

The way to enable components with variance in no more than 3 levels using known personalization, portals (middleware) to acquire business services from each of your IT providers.

Financial Accounts

  • The key to success ensures the designed functions in ERP do not get devalued by not using the ERP setup.
  • Changes MUST not be allowed nor would replication outside the system of record be enabled.




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