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Real World External Objective

Stakeholder Audience
Real World is a discussion with your audience as follows;

Board of Directors-Yes
C-Level Executives-Yes
Functional Managers-No



By geographical region
Prescribe using the “Buy Sell” boundaries to align appropriate local risk in higher controlled populations.


The term Real World was introduced before and recently caught my attention as I listened to one of my favorite data quality authors.

Jim Harris and his guest Peter P. an MDM expert; the radio show went on to describe the redefinition of data quality.  With a Real World versus Fit for Purpose the industry refers to as the definition of quality.  A real world view speaks to the Executive and Board of Directors perspective; how the world views an address and the relationship with a customer.  The objective view versus the subjective views of the various functions in their process.

Please note; the views in this article are my own interpretation of the show in my areas of expertise.  “The radio host and guest have not expressed a shared opinion to this post and any reader must understand this article reflects my interpretation of their show”


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