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Lean Six Sigma

One use case scenario; Children their personal identifiable information and the ability to abuse with or without intent the data parents must supply to many organizations.

Email Recipients and the State Contract Contact 

How one of the largest counties in California was unaware of their funding allocation; specifically who the funds were expected to be used for?

  1. 1. A comment from the chairman of the local planning council “we will never work with 4C’s until Fred Villasenor no longer runs the organization”.
  2. 2. A comment from the chairman of the local planning council “if we use our funds on the low income kids; there will be nothing left for any others in the county”.

Unfortunately, the only people who were expected to have the funds used were the low income which isn’t understood at the local level.

We managed to get firm responses from our state education contact;

  1. The funds are federal allocation, therefore the federal rules must comply with the purpose of the funds.
  2. State law specifically Escutia 2002 identifies the priority zip codes; in any case where the state and federal are in conflict the federal law wins.
  3. There are references to local authority for priority; in these cases the first two rules for national and state cannot be overwritten by local councils.

I still have several copies of the physical email that supplies the details, I left the council after ensuring that the members were given an opportunity to understand ethical decision making.


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