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Transaction Capabilities

Transaction Capabilities

  1. Expense Transactions
  2. Revenue Transactions

    Both of the above type rely upon the management capability outputs as the source of information in a systems perspective of these two subjects.

    Why systems?
    The sole purpose of a customer party or offer intends to generate a transaction that produces revenue for an organization.  
    For this reason, you must assume any use of the information subjects has a potential to change or influence the accuracy of financial transactions. 

    If in-accurate; the validity becomes questionable and this can be a significant threat to any organizations brand or the source of failure for the financial integrity questioned by an investor. 
    If in-accurate; the completeness of the information may be influenced causing the information to report performance measures in a biased manner. 

    Technology solutions
    The ability to break the systems components into sub-set information results in incomplete financial statements or requires offline processing that is harder to measure or subject to non-traditional measurement systems. 

    The point here, if you are not using your 3rd party solutions (software) as designed you have the higher probability of in-efficient business process and over-production or process deviations with greater number of defects. 

    Human errors are the only thing we can guarantee in any case with human touches or the expectation that humans will understand and perform without any error; isn’t going to be a reality.


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