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Generic Object Types


  • Can you find value in a power cord without the device?  
  • Can you use the cables on an existing device when built for a specific device family?  

Universal or Generic Objects

  • Objects are typically known as hard bundles or unstructured items-the items cannot be unstructured.  
  • Objects should default the power and communication requirements based on the end country mapped to the location code segment 2 in many financial management capabilities.  
  • Objects are considered unstructured items, they cannot be decomposed from a device with an intent to have value. 
  • Objects are not revenue generating types and therefore have no value in the item master.  
  • Objects are defaults on the BOM of the device.  
  • Objects are not going to influence the pricing on an offer when a single price is used for the presentation of a system or bundle.   
  • Objects never change the margin calculation on the system or bundles.  

Object Parts

  • Maintenance contract items are not in the item master.
  • Objects may be sold as a parts in maintenance contract models. 

Example Hardware Objects

  • Power cords, cables and similar universal with local requirements 
  • Objects are included in the price of a device.

Example Software Objects

  • Objects are a fundamental part of the use of a device, internal operating software (IOS) of the type without any features.  
  • A license for the IOS download capability isn’t an actual paper or product for a shipment to receive into inventory, rather the HOW an entitled user acquires the software systematically.  
  • Objects of the IOS types are NOT add on features rather the basic software allowing the device to register a warranty and allow connectivity with other devices. 

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