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Business Process

[1] OMG – BPMM – The business process maturity model reference herein sets the stage for what most business people refer to a “bundle” or Customers expect to have bundled with product and service at no charge.

[2] OMG – Chapter 13 In this section a new set of terms around Product and Service refer to these topics in a manner that should be clarified based on customer buying behaviors. In this publication the margin erosion threat has been prescribed in different language. Business terms “Bundles” “master data” “offer management capability” which result in both expense and revenue transaction capabilities.

[3] Quantitative measures were noted from maturity level 1-4 which conflicts with operational efficiency and highlights the over processing by design. Lean or Total Quality Management Waste and Re-engineering Must be factored. Prevent threats to the risk portfolio, as the improvement task. Issues: ISO certification related to 9000 and 14000 standards and may increase occurrence of non-conformance.