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Worst Case Scenario

Worst Case Scenario

When you have an annual planning exercise and you’ve kicked off the expectations.  Executives define the corporate strategy. 

The management must align their vision, strategy and execution plan in a way that measures against the Business Performance Model. 

In a worst case scenario, you have two different understandings of the purpose of the strategy.  Your people lack the same understanding of the expectations your trying to execute.  
Here’s an example of a worst case scenario.

Managers priorities

-Different ways of viewing the world from a gender perspective.
    A women in Enterprise Architecture could the hardest thing you ever do. 
-Barriers to Communication-prevents any chance of success for the new employee. 
    -People who have different opinions and new points of view.
-The executives talk about the competitive advantage, in your organization the leaders have turned into a buzz word representing Big Data. 

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