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Business Performance Model in contrast to an Outcome Model

Best Case Goal and Target
A business performance model serves as the ideal state for any organization, you need this to lead your organization as the baseline against others in the industry. 
Actual Performance
An Outcome model gives us “the actual state” of the organization providing the basis for how the implementation of the management decision making process translates into operational execution.  
Does the organizations Business Performance Model, enable effective management decision making?
You have your 5 capabilities; application of the current strategy objectives would enable the outcome model.   

A company has just defined the next years strategy;
  • 3 strategic priorities for an organization
  • Workforce Development
  • Enable a diverse and inclusive work environment
  • Grow your employees through focused development
  • Enable connected business decisions
  • Social Responsibility
    • Retire legacy applications to reduce power consumption
    • Give back to your local community by growing your public sector presence 
    • Enable a resilient technology through enterprise architecture
  • Quality
    • Align Enterprise Business Data to ensure measureable quality outcomes
    • Enable effective measurements for the business management system
    • Improve the re-use of information to improve the quality of the information assets
    A group of managers are asked to take a survey on their priorities for executing the strategy based on their decision making authority; 
    1. What is your lowest priority in recruiting new talent? 
    • The lowest priorities based on the survey response
    • Diversity and Inclusion 
    2. What is the most important requirement you have for a candidate? 
    • The ability to get along with other teammates and extended teams
    3. Out of 10 total qualities you expect in a candidate, the lowest priority for you is?  
    • The ability for a candidate to influence others

    How does this make my point?

    Let’s look at the last response, least important priority for any candidate.

    • Ouch-you want them to get along but not build relationships.  
    • Generally-getting along means constant consensus.
    • Diversity and inclusion indicates many things.
    • For the purpose of this point of view-assume a diverse way of addressing an issue.
    • Different skills sets that don’t exist in the team would be like the point prior but unique too.
    • How do people in consensus driven organizations typically respond to another point of view? 

    I believe this will be either a barrier to communication or an opportunity for your team to grow.

    If the strategy was to align with the above listed 3 priorities?  Each of the three have a diversity component or way to extract and build your team.

    Each of your resources could close or collectively meet the very first item on the performance plan.

    Instead, your hoping that they get along in your area of responsibility.


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